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Home Owner's Associations

Exterior Grounds:
We have replaced and repaired many exterior features in local communities, including:

*Signs & monuments

*Concrete & parking lot repairs.
*Pool & playground fencing
*Tile replacement & repair
*Clubhouse repairs including window & door replacement or repair.
Exterior Building:
What you no longer see here in the soffit and facia, is rot!  Living in South Florida, we know that climate & weather wear need to be continually maintained.  We repair all sorts of water & weather damage and have been the exclusive contractor to many local communities for their siding repairs, prior to a new paint job.  We bill the HOA or the client directly, depending on the responsibility set forth in the HOA documents.
Work Orders-Attention CAMs:
Add us to your email list.  We have relationships with many local managers who simply forward us their work orders.  While we are pleased to bid on large jobs, we also help make your job easier by taking on all of the small work orders that you receive from your homeowners.  Repairs under roughly $500 can be emailed to us, we will research, complete the work and bill you when it is finished.  If it looks like the job is more extensive, we will contact you to discuss the options.  Off of your desk and onto ours!